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Image-2: Document and workflow management

Document processing implies a concept not limited to the activity of archival documents, but is an opportunity to improve overall business processes.

The document management system we propose is closely linked with workflow processes and document flows (workflow), archiving, and email support for team work and in general, with all solutions aimed to overcome the traditional exchange of information on paper.

The above meaning of "system" implies the impossibility of reducing the issue to the introduction of technology that leaves unchanged the other aspects of the process of document management.

The introduction of new technologies has been for us always preceded by specific studies.

These studies are not limited only to analysis of the technology, but mainly focus on processes, relationships with the organization and the impact that any reorganization will have on human resources.


As part of products for the healthcare environment we have developed a complete solution for the Ethics Committee of company health or hospital.

This is a complete management practice with considerable relief work for the employees, entering data only once, the immediate search of all elements of the study, the ability to know the status of the process, with a flexible and  powerful new concepts.


In recent years we have gained significant experience in document processing and related applications, in key market sectors such as finance (banks, insurance companies), industry (pharmaceutical, engineering), government (municipalities, regions, institutions central and local government, health care companies), services (financial, commercial).

If you wish to receive a detailed documentation for one or more sectors of our references, please send an email request with your key data and you will be contacted.

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Pratiche@: totally new application of workflow management environment based on Java and Struts. Is our new web architecture solution that enables a document management system.