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Mail Processing

Our mail processing application allows the acquisition, indexing, sorting through the documents registered mail is incoming or outgoing. Together with Folder@ achieves a complete and efficient system for managing document flows.
The mail processing application is developed in close connection with systems implementation procedures and document flow (workflow), document management, archiving, e-mail and support workgroup  and in general, with all solutions aimed at exceeded traditional exchange of information on paper.

Folder@ is our proposal for workflow management, particularly useful in web environment, to optimize the flow of documents within the organization.
It consists of a graphical management module and a flow engine to process the documents.
With Folder@ is possible to correlate with each other general and heterogeneous documents. It is possible to define a process chart to outline the information flow (workflow) within the organization.
As part of the requirements for upgrade efficiency, a key role is the flow of documents and the automation of the process often complex.

Document and Workflow management: Image-2

The most important module that is offered from Image-2 is Indexer@, that is the interface for the users and is characterized by the flexibility and the ability to be customized, through the function of Form Draw.