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Our customers

Project can delivery to the customers, specialized products of document management, services such as document’s capture,  installation, training and consultancy.

We have many references:

  • local and central public administration
  • health administration
  • finance market and banks
  • manufacturing industries.

During the last years, we have installed more than 50,000 workstations for document applications and workflow management, in many different fields.

Innovation Project

The passion for technology in Project has always been translated into continuous innovation.

The most recent workflow experiences.

With the ASSO project, we have set up an integrated eHealth environment to support continuity of care, providing full risk management and patient empowerment.

With the Comet software (ethics committee) we tackle all the fundamental aspects of clinical and pharmaceutical experimentation, introducing important innovations in each of them.

The Assist project has been included in the healthcare sector, with the aim of using Rfid-based solutions to remodel the prescription and drug delivery processes in hospitals. Thus the limit represented by the presence of human interventions in the critical phases of the medical prescription is exceeded.

We are also working on cybersecurity, blockchain technology and indoor infomobility.

We have a Blockchain project for Industry 4.0 and one with Alfresco BPM, Nuxeo and Flowable.